Join Angwin Fire!
Interested in joining? Please read the “Application Letter."

Print out the “Personnel Information Sheet”, & “I-9 Form” and return to the Angwin Fire Department via mail with the following:

Personnel Information Sheet
I-9 Form
• Drivers License
• One of the additional forms of identification denoted on the I-9 Form
• Driver Record

Public safety is a top priority for the community of Angwin. To ensure the safest environment possible, Angwin Volunteer Fire Department provides an all-risk, full-service fire department with 45 personnel. Fire services are delivered from one station that is strategically located in the center of the community to provide timely responses and services.

Our firefighters respond to structure, vehicle, and wildland fires, medical emergencies, traffic accidents, hazardous materials incidents, floods, and other emergencies. In addition, we conduct public education, fire prevention programs and equipment displays during the annual Fire Prevention Week and Emergency Medical Services week celebrations. In 2005, our firefighters participated in over 2,500 hours of training and provided over 3,663 personnel hours of emergency service.

As a member of the Angwin Fire Department each volunteer receives great training and enjoys the ability to give something back to your community. The Department maintains an open application process to all able-bodied persons of respectable moral character and repute, who live or work in Angwin and are age 18 years or over. Candidates must posses and maintain a valid California Drivers License, successfully complete the application process, and the Department's Basic Training Course. You can learn more about the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department by calling (707) 965-2468 or by emailing