Open Burning

Agricultural and Open Burning is now overseen by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. They set burn days and handle burn permits. Below are the steps required to burn agricultural waste on your property.


Open burning is the burning of waste materials most commonly from agricultural crops or prescribed burns and can be a large source of air pollution and smoke. Smoke from open burning contains very fine particles, gases and other toxic products of burning which can be inhaled deeply into the lungs. Scientific studies have linked exposure to fine particles to difficulty in breathing, aggravated asthma, increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and, in some cases, premature deaths. Those most at risk are children, the elderly and people with chronic respiratory problems.

To minimize impacts on public health, open burning is generally prohibited in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District with the exception of seventeen (17) types of fires which are regulated under the Open Burning regulation.

Each regulated fire type may only be conducted during its permissive burn period. A permissive burn period is the time of year when a particular burn type is allowed. The Air District may extend the burn periods in some cases. In addition, most allowable fires are limited to only Burn Days, as declared by the Air District, when conditions allow for dispersion of smoke to minimize the impact on public health.

Any proposed burn may also be restricted by local fire or other officials.

In addition, the fire types that require notification to the District prior to ignition (and the public official who has the authority to approve a proposed burn) are also listed.

Prior notification to the District must be made by faxing a completed Open Burning Prior Notification Form to the Air District's office in San Francisco at (415) 928-0338 or by mailing the completed form to*:

Compliance and Enforcement Division Bay Area Air Quality Management District 939 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA 94109

*Note: Notification must be made at least five days prior to burning. Mailed notifications must be postmarked at least five days prior to burning.


  • Fill out the correct form - Click Here
  • Fax or Mail form to BAAQMD
  • Check Burn Status and determine if it is a permissive burn day. (May call (800) 792-0787 for a 24hr recording)
  • Email - or Call - (707) 965-2468 Angwin Fire and leave a message with the following:
    • - Name

    • - Address of Burn

    • - Phone Number

    • - Date/Time of Burn
  • Make sure you comply with the following when you burn:

    • - Adequate overhead and surrounding clearances

    • - A water source on site (i.e. - hose)

    • - DO NOT BURN BEFORE 10am

    • - NO IGNITION AFER 12pm & materials may not be added after 2 hours BEFORE sunset.

    • - Pile may not create smoke production after sunset.

    • - Piles must be dried for at least 60 days and be reasonably free of dirt and soil.

    • - The base area of the pile must not exceed 25 square yards and the pile height must be at least two thirds the average width of the pile.