AFD History
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The Angwin Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1921. Pacific Union College Fire Department also created a department in the early 1900’s for the protect in the college. The fire department arrived in its current form and location after the Pacific Union College Fire Department and the Community Fire Company merged their resources in 1958. Under the leadership of Chief Myron Newton (1921-1941), the Department began the development and construction of the facility that currently houses the Department today. Since then the Department has faithfully served the community under the leadership of eleven Fire Chiefs, and over 350 firefighters.

Currently, the Department consists of 45 personnel, two type-1 structure engines, one type-3 wildland engine, one 2,500 gallon water tender, one light rescue unit, and one Truck Company.

The Department averages 210 calls per year, with the majority of these calls being medical aids.

As an integral part of the cooperative fire protection plan for the Napa Valley, the Department responds to fires, rescues, and other requests for emergency assistance in the surrounding communities of Pope Valley, Lake Berryessa, Deer Park, St. Helena, Calistoga, and the City of Napa. During the traditional fire season, the Department is frequently called upon to respond to wildland fires in various regions of the State. Within the past three years, we have been directly involved in the suppression of several major fires, from Butte County to San Diego County, that have affected our State.
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The Fire Department facility provides housing for our ambulance company and various community events, such as elections, pet vaccinations, community meetings, and arts and crafts groups. These facilities are maintained by Department personnel and the donations and generosity of our community members.